Learn more about the history of the WETEC Group.

Our History

We at WETEC offer you a basis for professional and personal realization in a high-performance environment: Feeling comfortable at work, in unique and diverse teams, with challenging tasks in which you continuously develop your skills and much more. With us you will find a career in the most diverse areas and can realize yourself in them.

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Foundation Funke & Huster

Foundation of the company Funke & Huster (origin of BEA).


Foundation Hellingrath

Foundation of the Hellingrath Company for process control engineering in Moers.


Takeover Funke & Huster

Takeover of Funke & Huster by the Röchling Group.


Foundation of WETEC Elektrotechnik

Foundation of WETEC Elektrotechnik GmbH in Moers.


Takeover Röchling Group

Takeover of the Röchling Group by the BEA Group.


Foundation of LUX Automation GmbH

Foundation of LUX Automation GmbH and takeover of the BEA Group.


Fusion LUX Automation

Merger of Lux Automation GmbH with SMS Hellingrath.


Takeover of production LUX Automation

Wetec Systems GmbH takes over the production facilities of Lux Automation GmbH in Mülheim a. d. Ruhr.


Takeover Schiess Defries

Acquisition of the Naval Division Schiess Defries including know-how and technology for ship lifts and transfer systems.


Production consolidation

Merger of Wetec Elektrotechnik & Systems GmbH (incl. SDS) in Mülheim a.d. Ruhr.


Progress to date

Continuous progress to the present day.